Prayer and Meditation Can Heal Tumors

Watch how practitioners work with a lady with cancer. Meditation and prayer have been doing amazing healing work for centuries as it has a profound effect on the body and mind.  In this example, Bejing doctors in a medicine-less hospital used sound techniques to help a woman that had 3 inch cancerous tumor that was

The Art Of Sacred Living and Self-Sustainability

As a devoted student of life and self-professed imagineer, I see the world through a lens that understands the importance of our thoughts, words and actions.  In the words of Carl Jung “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” In light of this statement, I believe that mankind is on

Government Shutdown – A Good Thing?

It can be, if it makes us realize how insignificant “We the people” of this country have become to our politicians, and how our government is totally controlled by special interest groups. It doesn’t matter how small a minority you are, if your group is willing to be extremely active in our politics, each one