Government Shutdown – A Good Thing?

It can be, if it makes us realize how insignificant “We the people” of this country have become to our politicians, and how our government is totally controlled by special interest groups.
It doesn’t matter how small a minority you are, if your group is willing to be extremely active in our politics, each one of your votes becomes 10, 20 or 50 votes by default because of the silent majority, that is because we are “silent”.
I thought war was the most profitable (for some) venture mankind undertakes. I was wrong; it is lobbying the US government. A few million well spent can earn you hundreds of million, or billions; there is no better investment, anywhere, or a more destructive one.
This shut down can be the best thing that ever happened to us as citizens of this great country, if we realize what is happening and wake up from our national hibernation. The solution is actually very simple:

  1. Go to vote in droves in all elections, not just presidential ones. Consider not voting a sin, a crime against our democracy and blatant disregard of our obligations as citizens.
  2. Implement default term limits on Congress by considering “incumbent” a dirty word in the next election.
  3. Change campaign finance laws, and implement term limits on congress by passing a law.

It’s that simple. Just ask a hypothetical question to any pundit, PHD, whatever smarty pants you can find; “what if we did the above”, they answer will be a future that will ensure the greatness and grandeur of our country for the next millennium, that is now in danger of being reduced to mediocrity. Wake up my fellow citizens, and we can together bring about a future that will make our future generations proud of us.

With my undying love for this great country.
God bless us all.

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