Meaning of Axiom

“A self-evident and necessary truth, or a proposition whose truth is so evident at first sight that no reasoning or demonstration can make it plainer”.

Mission Statement

“To bring happiness to all individuals, peace and unity to mankind, and well being to the Earth through love, mindful action, and purposefully living a magnificent life”.

From the founder of Axiom

Axiom is founded to change the world. If an individual lived a great life and joined others to work towards making this world a better place for all, our world would change dramatically. Our purpose is to provide the tools needed to help the individual lead the best possible life, and for like minded people to come together to change the world and make it a loving, fair, and prosperous place where everyone can exist in peace and pursue happiness.  We welcome people of every race, faith, gender, life preferences, and nationalities.  Our organization has the following segments;

1)      Life: The Life segment is all about the individual’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being, and providing tools for living life to the fullest extent possible.

2)      Come Together As One:  We are starting a global movement called; “Come together as 1”.  Our entire purpose is; “Bring people together everywhere who want to live a peaceful life in pursuit of happiness, and let the other person do the same, no matter what their faith, gender, nationality, race, beliefs or preferences.  We can keep our energetic debates going on gay rights, political parties and abortion issues, but if you agree on this one basic human right mentioned above, then I beg you, please join this movement and make a difference in this world.  To join or read more about it; (LINK).

3)      News: Considering the abundance of bad and divisive news that we are bombarded with, we will begin our news segment with heartwarming events happening all over the world.  Once we have the resources, we will start a online only news channel, giving important, honest, unvarnished news to the world.

4)      Solutions: We are starting with some of the founder’s ideas that we believe have the true potential to transform our world.  This will be combined with ideas and from our members and then some of the best ones chosen to be implemented worldwide, for a better life for everyone.

The name… Axiom:

I could not think of a name for this organization, belief system, and movement I wanted to start, and for months tried with no luck.  One day I asked my son Kasim to help me with this and he said, “give me some words that describe what you are doing.  I responded by saying; “Good, Honesty, spiritual, happiness, unity, peace, love, humanity”.  He started researching for names with relevance to these words and a repeated result was “Axiom”.  I then looked up the meaning and knew instantly that I had the name.

We beg for your patience while we are launching / enhancing some of the segments of Axiom like Dare Your Destiny, Solutions, and Miracles.  We are not accepting any donations at this time and everything is being done by the founder’s limited resources and volunteered time.


Kasim Aslam. Kasim is my son who has been the greatest balancing force in my life.  He has challenged me, pushed me to excel, and been there for me in more ways than I can ever thank him for. I leaned on Kasim in every way during my transition and his input helped shape every part of Axiom.  Kasim read and edited every draft I wrote for the last 15 years of this thirty year old quest.

Sameer Aslam. My greatest supporter and son who helped me through years of me talking about the transformation I was going through, and about Axiom.  I have benefited from the simple but profound wisdom Sammy has always shown, and him helping me form or work through so many ideas over the years that I discussed with him regarding Axiom.

Suzanne Daley.  Suzanne is one of my dearest friend’s whose contribution to Axiom and my personal transformation has been priceless. Suzanne worked tirelessly on designing and operating the Axiom logo and website. She introduced me to different methods of meditation, and her greatest contribution to Axiom was to its message; she taught me many different concepts including sacred geometry and their relevance to everything around us, which helped me bring balance to the message of Axiom.