Natural VS Synthetic Medicines

Synthetic medicines outsell natural ones by an enormous margin.  Although most natural remedies are without side effects, work extremely fast, and are incredibly cheap, most people don’t know about them.  The last quality is their biggest nemesis; they are extremely cheap and much harder to patent.

I recently suffered from a severe case of strep throat, and because we were busy moving, I ignored it for 3 days and made it much worse. With white spots all over my extremely swollen throat, I knew I had to go see a doctor and get some antibiotics.  Although I always use nothing but natural remedies for most common ailments, but everyone knows that nothing but antibiotics can cure strep throat!  Well, my friend Suzanne Daley, who is the biggest user and promoter of natural homeopathic medicines I know, certainly disagreed with me.  She told me to take Belladonna for the strep, Arnica for the inflammation, and vitamin C for boosting my immune system response to the attack.  I added my usual sore throat remedies of gargling salt water for a minute or two, then gargling a little bit of cold pressed oil of Oregano in a little bit of water, then swallowing.

On the third day of this regiment, my strep throat was gone, and I was amazed. (I am not giving medical advice here, just conveying my experience).  Even though I truly believe in natural remedies, but I was still suffering from the brainwashing of the drug industry that ailments like strep throat cannot be cured without antibiotics.

I wondered why such remedies are not more popular when they work so well and cost so little.  I must have used less than $3 worth of the natural medicines I listed above, as compared to a $150 doctors visit, and $150 in prescription drugs.  The reason is that my $3 cure took $300 out of the pockets of the drug industry, and that cannot be allowed by the powers the make Trillions from them.  Even though most natural remedies have no side effects, as compared to the synthetics drugs disclaimers that are something like; It may reduce your “Restless leg syndrome”, but you may get cancer, brain tumors, skin rashes, kidney failure, some body parts may fall off, and in some cases, you may die; now that’s an ultimate cure, your legs will never be restless again.  On the other hand, the natural stuff that is so safe, cannot even claim that it may help you with an ailment; this is simply wrong.

Is this why 1/3 of our teens are now addicted to psychotic drugs, probably for life?  So how do they get away with this? The same way that the defense industry helps start wars that should never have started, and energy industry has kept the renewable energy technologies undeveloped; by controlling our governments, using lobbyists and bribes, all for their profits.

Wake up my fellow Americans and fellow humans around the world, lets save our children from this madness of lifelong dependency on toxins that messes with their minds, and they are never the same again.  Let’s stop acting like lambs to the slaughterhouse, and take charge of our lives.  Use natural remedies for everything you can, and fight against the drug companies by realizing what they are doing to us.  God, nature has made these natural remedies and man could never come close.

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