World Awakening

The time is 2013.  Many people have been in fear of this time, but is it really a time to feel fear? Or is it a time where people from all around the world are actually waking up? … waking up to our greater selves; waking up to higher consciousness; waking up to understanding one another; connecting the dots that we are all ONE.

Are Human Beings Waking Up To Their Full Potential?

Perhaps it is time to ponder that thought because it seems that the signs are everywhere.  No longer is it just the mid life generation that is having a crisis, it is happening in all age groups, races, creeds and religions.  Everyone is looking for something… something greater than themselves.  We are dreaming about it at night, and feeling it during the day.  We are at a pivotal time of great change.  It is up to us as individuals to take responsibility for our hopes and feelings and create the world that we want, rather than what is or has been.