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Meaning of Axiom:

“A self-evident and necessary truth, or a proposition whose truth is so evident at first sight that no reasoning or demonstration can make it plainer”.

Mission Statement:

“To bring happiness to all individuals, peace and unity to mankind, and well being to the Earth through love, thoughtful action, and purposefully living a magnificent life”.

Ripple in the water

From The Founder Of Axiom

If you are happy with a faith, religion, or belief system that you are following, then please don’t read any further and skip this section all together. The news, lifestyle, solutions sections and the movement, “Come together as One” are meant for all humanity. The ideology being presented in this segment is what I have come up with for my own spiritual needs, and is for those who may be searching for a spiritual path. If that is the case, then please read on.

Like most of us, I grew up in the comfort of my wonderful birth religion, and the absolute proof of the righteousness of our faith was the unquestionable divine presence I always felt when I went to our religion’s places of worship. All this combined with the millions around me believing the same thing I did was enough to make my faith etched in stone in my life.

I experienced a spiritual transformation when I migrated to USA. Among my close friends were Christians, Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, and others of different religions who believed as much in their faiths as I did in mine. I had a very hard time believing that a God, that I believed to be like a merciful and loving parent, would have so many people walk around misguided, or believing in the wrong faith, because of a factor that was beyond their control; the address of their birth. The resolution to this problem for me was when I ended up at the places of worship of different faiths with my friends, and felt the same divine presence I had felt in the place of worship of my own faith.

My spiritual life would never be the same again and the two life lessons that this transformation taught me were; 1) In spiritual matters, no one’s path is the only right one 2) Adapting wonderful messages and traditions from different religions and cultures is very life enriching, especially spiritually.

What followed was 3 decades of soul searching, studying major religions, and a quest to find a belief system for me; the criteria being honest, tolerant, logical, evolving, flexible, bettering life on Earth, and spiritually satisfying; this was the beginning of Axiom. Now, 30 years since this quest started for me personally, I am introducing Axiom to the world. I have spent years of my time and resources developing Axiom without any desire for money or power. All I want is to make a difference in the world before its time for me to go to the next phase of my existence.

The name; Axiom: I could not think of a name for this organization, ideology, and movement I wanted to start, and for years I tried with no luck. My son Kasim knew I was struggling with this and asked me for some words that describe what I was doing. I responded by saying; “Good, Honesty, spiritual, happiness, unity, peace, love, humanity”. He started researching for names with relevance to these words and a repeated result was “Axiom”. I then looked up the meaning and knew instantly that I had the name.

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God bless us all.

Introduction: A Time for Change

It’s been my experience that the answers to life’s questions never come when you want them – they come when you need them. We are all, in one way or another, in search of the meaning of as well as the truth in our existence. The interesting thing about this journey towards the ultimate truth is that I doubt very much any of us have thought about whether or not we truly want to reach the destination.

Do we want the answers to our most perplexing questions? What would happen if we received them? How would that change our paradigm of life? How much more accountable would that make us? Axiom doesn’t claim to be the end all and be all – much the opposite. It will put life in true perspective and allow you to look at your own being from a vantage point that most of us never realized exists. On the road to discovering the truth we realize that the destination is the Journey and this Journey is the most fulfilling we’ll ever make. – By Kasim Aslam


DIFFERENT RELIGIONS: All peaceful religions are different spiritual paths with a similar purpose; no one has a monopoly on God. Respect all religions; never consider anyone’s peaceful beliefs wrong, or inferior to your own.

“It takes a generous serving of arrogance and ignorance to make one believe that theirs is the only right opinion.” -Axiom.

RITUALS: Spiritual rituals are good, but not a substitute for leading a good life, which is the true testament of who you are, and the quality of the beliefs that guided your life.

DISCRIMINATION: Never discriminate against anyone, for any reason.

CULTURAL BELIEFS: Respect everyone’s cultural beliefs regarding modesty and morality.

“Whether you prefer a Veil or a bikini, it is ignorance to believe that your opinion is the only right one.” -Axiom

FIGHTING IN GOD’S NAME: To hurt Gods creations is a horrible act, but to do so in God’s name is the ultimate sin.

“What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?” -Mahatma Gandhi

DEMANDING ANSWERS: Don’t demand answers to every question; not having all the answers at this evolutionary stage of our species is important to our growth, and our purpose.

EARTH: We are borrowing this world from our children, so leave it a better place.

YOUR LIFE: Live a magnificent life. Consider your mental, physical and spiritual development as your ultimate quest.

“Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you’ve never been hurt and live like it’s heaven on Earth.” – Mark Twain

STRENGTH: Stay strong and always be prepared to face evil; to protect yourself and fellow man.

BLIND FAITH: Never be led blindly by anyone, especially in the name of God. God would not have given you a brain if he did not want you to use it.

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” – Albert Einstein

The use of our God given faculties in religion is as important as their use in science; thus logic must be an extremely important part of our faith.

“It is far easier to sway people by fear than reverence, but the latter is such a magnificent sight” -Axiom

LIFE AFTER DEATH: I believe that there are adventures beyond our wildest imagination waiting for us after this life; death is a transformation, not an end.

“What happens after we die had to be a mystery. If we had proof of heaven and hell, only the insane would do anything wrong, thus eliminating faith, the struggle to be good, and our growth.” – Axiom

“Maybe God kept the magnificence of our next life a secret, to keep us from ending this one to expedite the transition. – Axiom”

GOD: There is a God, a Creator who loves you enough to shower such magnificent gifts upon you as this planet, your life, body and spirit.

HUMAN EFFORT: The spiritual aspect of Axiom is not being channeled from God. It is “our” best understanding of spiritual matters and thus we do not have all the answers; this understanding allows our beliefs to evolve with the evolution of our species.

LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE: We do not know for a fact if other forms of life exist in the universe, but every ounce of logical thinking points towards a universe full of life.

“I believe that nature does nothing without a reason, so when I think of the trillions of heavenly bodies, I am convinced that we are not alone in the universe. -Axiom”


As the founder of this belief system, I am suggesting the following basic beliefs which are what I have set for myself. You don’t have to agree with all of them and you should not follow what I am saying blindly. Evaluate them using your God given faculties and see if they make sense to you. Faith is great, blind faith is extremely dangerous.

So, based on these founding principles, I present you with a timeless and spiritual way of life; Axiom. For a great majority of us, there is a need to look toward and pray to a higher being, to believe in our Creator and his love. The Creator programmed this need in us, which is why we have so many religions all through the history of our species. Axiom is an ever improving faith, evolving with our species and our better understanding of our Creator, this universe, and the grand purpose our Creator has for us. We do not offer eternal salvation to our members just for being part of our faith. We don’t consider our faith as the only right path for salvation or to our Creator. The founding principles of Axiom are designed to ensure that this faith never becomes a source of power and financial benefit for a few. Axiom must always remain a faith for the people, to help them lead wonderful and spiritually fulfilling lives and to constantly quest for betterment of self, mankind, mother earth, and our universe.

“I’d rather live with a good question than a bad answer – Axiom”


There is a Creator, let’s call him God. I mention God as “him” only due to the limitations of the language I am communicating in; otherwise God does not have a gender. In view of the overwhelming evidence that I see of God’s existence and his immense power in everything from a human body and mind, to the stars and planets in the universe, I have absolute faith that there is a God.

What is God? I believe that due to the limitations of our mental capacity at this stage of our existence when we only use a minute percentage of our brains, we are not capable of understanding exactly what God is. To try and understand everything about his existence at this stage would be like a newborn trying to master Metaphysics.

I also cannot discard God because of reasons I mentioned before, and we are reminded of what Paracelsus said; “Men who are devoid of the power of spiritual perception, are unable to recognize anything that cannot be seen externally”.

So working with the limitations of my human minds, I have come up with my best understanding. God is a form of energy. This energy is a part of everything and everything is a part of it. So we are all part of God, and God is part of all of us. This spiritual statement goes hand in hand with the best scientific explanation of our creation so far, the big bang theory. Also, Einstein’s e=MC2 implies that energy creates matter, so everything around us, all the heavenly bodies, water, air, and all living things on earth were made from energy. I believe that this energy that made us all is what God is.

GOD And Us

I believe there is overwhelming evidence that God truly loves us. Just look at us when we take the role of creators. We make things just for our use in an unemotional way, power them with toxic materials and discard them when we are done. God could have done the same if he didn’t love us. But instead he gave us the most passionate and loving way of conception and birth. Our source of nourishment could have been just a tasteless material that we consumed and got the nutrition we needed to serve our purpose. But we have a huge number of things to consume that fascinate our taste buds. Our interaction with each other is not mechanical but bursting with feelings of love and passion. This shows me that our creator loves us and wants us to have great pleasures and experiences; otherwise we could have been made to reproduce, interact and get nourishment in very mechanical and non pleasurable ways.

Life After Death

I believe that when we are born we transform from our pre-birth state as part of this form of energy that is God, and when we die we just simply change form from our human existence back to this energy, or to whatever else is in store for us by God, remaining a part of this energy all along.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin”


I very strongly believe that there is life after death and death is a graduation and not an end. It seems like when we have matured enough, learnt enough to truly be productive and achieve great things, we die. It would be such a waste, if life just ended and there was nothing else. Again, this seems contrary to how nature seems to work. Also, the tens of thousands of experiences of people who died for a short while and were revived, are all similar accounts of a peaceful white light and a destination that they are going towards, rather than eternal darkness and emptiness.

“Maybe God kept the magnificence of our next life a secret to keep us all from committing suicide to expedite our journey.” Axiom

Heaven & Hell

The good and evil in the world makes me believe that there is an accounting for our good and bad deeds. Does this accounting cause us to be sent to places like “Hell” or Heaven”, or are we punished or rewarded in this life, or both? Or do we simply get sent back until we get it right? Are bad people in this life simply there to perform a function to train us, for our growth and challenges? Maybe our deeds in this life dictate what our next existence will be. Although we may not know at this moment, it is our duty to strive to be good and take care of the gifts our Creator has given us; this life, this planet, and everything around us. It’s just the right thing to do and that is a better and more selfless reason than a ticket to heaven or fear of hell.

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” ― C.S. Lewis


For the sake of our lives, and those of future generations, let’s think, question, evaluate, and then go with what makes sense. Let’s start with the biggest carrot most of us want when choosing our spiritual paths; Salvation. How do we determine how many sins will prohibit us from an eternal life of happiness and peace? Is there a quick path to gaining God’s forgiveness? Can you buy such forgiveness by sending a check to the religion of your choice? Can you have it over and done within an afternoon through a confession or some sort of ritualistic penance once or a few times in your life? Again, using our God given skills of analysis, one can see that this makes little sense. Salvation is not a carrot. “Salvation,” is not like some diploma a religious institution can hand you. Salvation is leading the best life you can, doing good things, not hurting others, and making your life positively meaningful for yourself, your loved ones, and the planet we share with all living things. Salvation is a destination after a long journey of spiritual questing, day by day, through moment-by-moment behavior and a million small choices. Each day is an opportunity to reach for salvation. You may have made a religious pilgrimage, gone to confessional, and said your prayers, but if you have done negative things such as hurt children, taken advantage of the vulnerable, or showed disregard for the health of the planet, you have not done your duty to the Creator. Doing one’s duty is not easy. It is a lifelong commitment that requires hard work and a certain degree of sacrifice. I wish I had an easier answer for all of us, a simple formula for admittance to a glorious afterlife, a simple set of rules that we can follow. But unfortunately, I see no such easy path, no shortcut to salvation. One must do one’s best on a daily basis, make mistakes, but never stop growing. Let your good deeds outnumber your bad ones by as great a margin as possible. That’s the best I can offer you for the eternal salvation.

Our Origin

There is extensive evidence that the theory of evolution is correct. Thousands of scientists worldwide believe this due to scientific evidence, which holds a lot of weight with me. Evolution is also in line with the way nature works in everything from the minutest life form on earth, to the greatest cluster of heavenly bodies in the universe. But it is always possible that we came to earth, or were brought here from another planet. There could also be other ways that we ended up where and who we are now, that we have not yet discovered.

Life in the Universe

It seems extremely likely that there is life in the universe in large numbers and many forms, simply because nature doesn’t waste anything, and if we were the only life in the universe that that would be a colossal waste. The only other option that makes sense is that we are supposed to populate other planets. But considering the trillions of heavenly bodies and billions of years everything has been around, it seems illogical that we are the only life in the universe. We will leave it at that until we find evidence one way or another.

Quest for the Truth

“When you find truth, realize that you have found “a truth” and never “the truth”. There is no such thing as the only truth or the only right way to God.” Axiom

Truth is something to pursue, rather than enforce. I’d rather live with a good question than a bad answer. We don’t know everything and don’t have all the answers. So Axiom demands constant evaluation and a constant quest for the truth that will engender a perpetual evolution. Questioning is the dominant method by which Axiom will always grow and evolve. When you believe that you have found the answer, this immediately ends the quest for that answer. Yet, the quest is the most important part of our spirituality. The digging and longing for truth is what keeps us growing.

This questioning and the quest for the truth demands that we be flexible to change when faced with concrete evidence that may improve or contradict our existing beliefs. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we evolve in our spirituality at the same rate that we evolve scientifically? There is no reason we cannot.

Our Faith Is Human

Our belief system Axiom is “our” quest to find and understand our Creator and his plan for us. Thus Axiom is human and imperfect, like all things human.

Messenger & Leaders

The role of individuals as leaders in this new faith must not obscure the centrality of God as the simple core of the faith. Any leader of this new religion is a flawed human being like anyone else and is just one of many seeking to understand the Creator and bring humanity in closer touch with our Creator’s will and plan for us. The people who help shape the message, the people who deliver the message, and the people who manage or organize Axiom must never be considered anything more than what they are—managers, humans fulfilling a valuable role in their society. We don’t need another symbol of divine power in any man. We have the ultimate one; God.

The leaders of Axiom MUST always be held to a higher standard than others without any massive rewards of money or power. They must not be motivated by a drive for wealth or power. Such a role requires an individual who is willing and able to shoulder a greater responsibility and adhere to a higher standard than others. This will ensure that anyone with ill intentions will not even apply for the job and only true believers wanting to promote the religion become our leaders. As an example of this higher standard, if our leaders and preachers molest our children, they deserve the harshest punishment allowed by the law of the land where they live and must immediately be thrown out of Axiom. We must have zero tolerance in this regard.

The leadership positions of Axiom MUST always be open to both genders and must never discriminate against women or anyone for any reason whatsoever.


One of the most difficult questions I encountered was; how do we account for the presence of evil in our world? Are there really “bad guys” who are on a direct route to hell? Maybe the presence of evil in the world is really just like the pathogens that enter our bodies from time to time and end up energizing our immune systems and making us stronger? What if the only reason evil exists is our own weaknesses. Once we evolve as a species and understand our own powers and responsibilities to remove evil from our world, it will be gone.

Calling evil “natural,” however, does not ease our responsibility for eradicating it. We cannot stand by and watch our world be consumed by cancerous growths. We must strive towards the health of our planet and our species so that we can continue on our journey and fulfill the destiny for which we have been created.

Destiny – Fate

The questions that arise when we ask ourselves about the afterlife and human accountability are extremely important. They help us to think about the larger purpose in our lives and they help us to see beyond the transitory material rewards we often pursue in this lifetime. Thinking of our journey beyond the border of death helps us to develop a plan for ourselves rather than allowing us to live life randomly until we meet our unexpected demise. Developing a plan for ourselves and living our lives thoughtfully means that we have faith that our actions do make a difference and that we are not locked into an unchangeable destiny. Yet, if it is all in our own hands, where is the Creator? My experience has taught me that just as scientists are increasingly discovering that our lives are shaped by a delicate balance of genetic predispositions forged in our DNA and the influences of our environment, as well as the choices we make. So our lives are very much in our control as well as in the hands of a higher power.

Nature teaches us that these things are not mutually exclusive. We work to shape our lives and the destiny of our planet. There are things that are completely a result of our actions, and thus in our control. As well, there are things that are totally beyond our control, decided, planned and implemented by a higher power. There is abundant evidence of both in everyone’s life. It is also very necessary for our lives to work this way. If it was one or the other, we would either become powerless and thus totally incapacitated. Or God would have been irrelevant and powerless in our lives.

Buildings & Symbols

The place of religious worship by members of Axiom should not be afforded an undue significance. They should be accessible, benevolent places for people to collectively or individually communicate with the Creator, to search for the truth, to pray, to ask for forgiveness, and to show love and affection. The best gathering places are the internet, family home, a local park, etc. This would decentralize the power, avoid waste, and provide a friendly, family oriented place of worship. For large gatherings, we should rent an existing building that will contribute to the community by supporting a vital organization like a school, park, or a local restaurant that could use the business.

We should also be perfectly comfortable to pray in any religion’s place of worship; Church, Mosque, Synagogue, Mundir, Gurdwara, etc.


The resources of Axiom need to be handled carefully and allocated responsibly on advancing the core missions of Axiom Our responsibility does not end with writing a check; we must ensure the proper results from our donations. There is a lot that can be accomplished when like minded people bring together their resources to achieve mutually desired results. But do not just write a check and pray that it gets spent in a good way. Be involved, oversee, ensure.


Axiom must always remain basically decentralized. A concentration of wealth and power encourages mismanagement and abuse. We simply do not require grand monoliths, whether they are people or places. Let us have many great leaders of Axiom. Let us have many role models. A questioning, dynamic, evolving belief system needs many minds at work.

Mother Earth

Axiom has an environmental message at its core. The ultimate gift from our Creator (so far) is our planet. I say so far because greater gifts are going to unfold in the future. On this planet we have all the food we need, all the energy we could use, and a wealth of resources adequate to make every human life a joy. Yet, every human life is not a joy, for we have disrespected that gift. We have pillaged, hoarded, and wasted. We have sentenced our children to a future of deprivation. A people that truly honor their Creator and show gratitude for his gift of this beautiful planet, do not disrespect and misuse this gift. This is simple. This is obvious. This is essential. We must always remember the famous Native American quote; “Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children”

Mission in Life

The Axiom Mission Statement is: “To bring happiness to all individuals, peace and unity to mankind, and well being to the Earth through love, thoughtful action, and purposefully living a magnificent life”.

My idea of an individual’s mission statement is as follows. This is just for your reference, you MUST write your own.

“To live an extraordinary life; mentally, physically and spiritually. To love and protect my loved ones and make this world a better place by thoughtful action.”

Betterment of the self is step one to everything we want to do. Your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial well being is essential not only to a great life for yourself, but to everything else you want to achieve for your loved ones, and the world around you.

A primary concentration of Axiom must always be the betterment of mankind and planet earth. We don’t need to spend all our time just praying to God. God doesn’t need our prayers. Praying is for the one praying, not for the one being prayed to. The true prayer for us humans is to ensure that there is peace, harmony, happiness, and prosperity for self, and everything else living on our planet, including the planet itself. The actions toward peace and mutual tolerance and prosperity on our planet, for us and our future generations, should be at the core of our faith and daily life.

Equality – Discrimination

We must have equality as a central tenant of Axiom. We should have equality among people without regard for their gender, race, religion, life preferences, nationality, handicap or any other factor. Never consider anyone inferior or superior to you, to do either, disregards the Creator’s beauty inherent in every human being. Women are at least as entitled to be leaders of Axiom as men.


Axiom promotes balance in our lives and our world as one of our core principles. Extremes are harmful, and balance is the one quality that is great in every situation. Going for peace is great, but becoming weak in the process to where some evil entity can wipe us out is bad. Enjoying food is great, but becoming obese because we eat too much is bad. Enjoying our success and wanting material things is okay, but becoming so materialistic that we consume an unfair amount of the earth’s resources and material things mean more than anything else is bad. Enjoying life is great, but becoming an alcoholic or a drug addict, or dying of a disease because we abused substances is bad. Sex is a wonderful and passionate experience, but overindulgence and making it a source of disease or infidelity is bad. We must create a balance in every aspect of our lives. This is one of the fundamental truths that members of Axiom should embrace.

Separation of Religion & State

Our religion and our government should always remain separate. Mixing the two is a guaranteed disaster that will ensure discrimination against those with different beliefs and contrary to a core principle of this new system of beliefs.

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What if we could talk to God, what would he say to us?

When I arrived to interview God, I could not believe my luck, or my eyes. Was I really here, about to talk to the all mighty? My only recollection is that after my repeated prayer requests wanting to be the first human to interview God, I woke up in this place, knowing that my request had been granted and that I was about to speak to the big guy.

My surroundings were beautiful, calm and peaceful, and somehow I knew where to go; I guess the all mighty doesn’t need normal modes of communication. When I arrived in this beautiful garden, I saw a beautiful woman sitting in an easy chair sipping on a beverage. I didn’t know what to say or how to greet her, and I was extremely nervous until I got close to her; all my fears and apprehensions melted away and a peaceful calm came over me. I felt like I was in the presence of a loving mother;

Me: God? I said with some apprehension.

God: Yes, are you surprised?

Me: I just had a different image in my mind, God.

God: I know, the angry, bearded old man, I got so tired of you guys always portraying me like that, don’t you people think I have feelings? Hahhaha

Not knowing what to do with God cracking a joke, I said;

Me: Thank you for seeing me God, I have so many questions for you, and as the first human to have been granted an interview, I want to get to them right away; is this where you live and how you look?

God: This is so you can see me in a way that makes sense to you.

Me: So, then what are you? What’s your shape, form, and age? What do you look like?

God: For you to try and understand that at your current stage of evolution, would be like an infant trying to understand the most difficult of mathematical equations; it is also important for the development of your species to not have these answers at this time.

Me: Is there life after death? Is there a judgment day? Why don’t you just “show up” and eliminate any questions about you and religious in-fighting and make our planet a wonderful place?

God: If I just “show up”, that will end the quest, learning, development, struggle, faith, and all that is imperative to the purpose of your species and its development.

Me: Why do you allow evil and so many bad things to happen?

God: Does a child getting a vaccination look at the parents and wonder why they are allowing someone to hurt him? There are reasons beyond your understanding for such things, one of them being that if you eliminate the negatives, you automatically eliminate the positives, and the struggle that helps you develop.

Me: But it’s so unfair, what happens to some people, stuff like murder, disease, rape, genocide.

God: Yes it is, but there is a way that it all balances out and becomes fair, and you cannot know or understand that now.

Me: Why did you create so many different religions, or are they all man’s creations?

God: Both. On one hand, why would I create so many different religions, I would just create one perfect one, so this does not look like my doing; but then everything that happens is because of the elements and abilities I created, and you must struggle to find out what is the right answer. Does a child who is told the answer to a math equation learn math or just the answer? You must learn the math.

Me: Ok Ma’am, understood. But is there one religion that is closer to the truth than others? What is the best one, or at least your favorite?

God: That is like children asking a loving parent which one of them she likes the most. All religions are my children’s attempt to know me, to love me, to pray to me, and all of them are just different paths to me and I love them all. Their main fault is this; “I am right and thus going to heaven and everyone else is wrong and going to hell” attitude.

Me: Some incidents seem like there is divine intervention and other incidents seem like we are on our own, and you are on vacation.

God: It’s both; if I never got involved, you would destroy yourselves, but if I always got involved, you would never fulfill your purpose and develop.

Me: What is that God, I mean our purpose?

God: To have me answer that would hurt that purpose, and the abilities you need for it. You must quest to learn that on your own.

Me: OK, I understand God, this quest business is very important for us. BTW, are women inferior to men?

God: Don’t expect such discrimination from me, all my children are equal. This is one of the reasons I chose this form today, to let you know how I feel about this; knowing you will ask me this question.

Me: But how did you…. oh sorry. God, please give me an explanation that I can understand about who you are, where we came from and where we end up? Something that even our underdeveloped minds at this stage of our species can understand; throw me a bone God, I have to go back with something.

God: Oh God… ha ha… just kidding. See, I have a sense of humor, which was one of the best qualities I gave to your species that you do not use nearly enough. Anyway, before I get distracted, consider me a form of energy, more intelligent and powerful than anything you could possibly imagine. Consider this energy to be everywhere, in everything. Consider yourself changing from a part of this energy into your human form, with the energy becoming what you call your “soul”. Then after your passing on from your current state of existence, you change back into this energy and the next phase of your existence starts. Everything you see on your planet and all the heavenly bodies were all created by me, from me, including you. I think your species tried to explain it as the “Big Bang” theory and E=MC2.

Me: You just let me know there is life after this one all mighty, you made a slip

God: Oops, ha ha. Maybe I meant to give you a glimpse so that you try and stop hurting each other in my name.

We: What about that God, when someone hurts others in your name. Do you like that effort, that dedication, that service to you?

God: Nothing disgusts me more. That’s like asking a parent if one of her children hurting another is liked by her. Saying it in your human sentiments, I hate that.

Me: Won’t it hurt mankind when I go and tell them that I interviewed you and whatever answers you gave me, wont that hurt the “development”, the “quest”.

God: Ha ha, who would believe you silly boy? Sitting in a garden talking to God, who looked like a pretty woman and was sipping a beverage and cracking jokes… ha ha.

And then I woke up…

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