Prayer and Meditation Can Heal Tumors

Watch how practitioners work with a lady with cancer.

Meditation and prayer have been doing amazing healing work for centuries as it has a profound effect on the body and mind.  In this example, Bejing doctors in a medicine-less hospital used sound techniques to help a woman that had 3 inch cancerous tumor that was inoperable.  She had already been written off by other traditional medical doctors, so this was a last resort.

Changes Happen When People Take Action

pyramid-peopleIt’s not uncommon for people to feel powerless when they have a problem with a big corporation.  However, I remember someone describing to me a long time ago, that if you look at the people in this world like a pyramid, you’ll see the base and the top of the pyramid.  But where is the strength of the pyramid?  It is at the bottom – the foundation.  If we the people compare ourselves to the base of the pyramid, then we see ourselves differently.  We are the foundation that keeps things solid, keep things in place.  The top of the pyramid can only stay in place because of the base.

It seems that corporations that do not listen to the people will suffer the consequences in their bank account. Consumers are getting smart about the choices that make at the grocery store.  They are making informed choices about good food  and sustainable practices versus the opposite.  Take the example of Monsanto, a big multinational agricultural biotech corporation, which has been working towards patenting seeds and controlling the very food that we eat.  On May 25 of this year, there were worldwide protests against this company.  Now it seems that the Monsanto CEO, its executives and insiders are dumping their own stock.  That shows us how important it is to stay on top of big multinational companies.  We need to be reminded that we have the power to make a change in this world.  When one company decides to play God with food, it’s important that we take notice and it seems that we have.




Meet Antoinette Tuff: A Hero Who Saved Lives

Meet Antoinette Tuff… someone who made a difference at an Atlanta school on August 21, 2013.  She was able to calm a gunman who managed to enter the building.  She understood the power of words and her ability to call up0n a force greater than her to help.  Wisdom prevailed over fear.

It is a truly touching and heroic story.