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We are using our blog area to publish news as well as post our own blogs and stories.  We intent to highlight stories that do not often get noticed.  Since a lot of the web and television is often focused on the negative news that is going on in the world, we wish to post the news that is really making positive shifts in consciousness.   The mass media is not always responsible with their messaging.  As axiom is a non-profit group, we wish to display news that inspires hope, compassion and brings people together as one.  Enjoy!

The highest result of education is tolerance. -Helen Keller

Come Together As We Are One

Join the movement: “Come Together As One”

  1. Communicate with people from around the world, different cultures and religions, one on one, or in forums.
  2. Speak with a united voice on subjects of vital importance to our world, become a strong group working for betterment of mankind.
  3. Receive honest information about world events.
  4. Receive beautiful inspirational messages from different faiths, cultures and regions.
  5. Get the state of the art personal development software called “Dare Your Destiny – DYD”. Optimizing an individual’s life is step one to making the world a better place.
  6. Become involved in our projects.

DARE YOUR DESTINY (DYD):  state of the art software designed by the founder of Axiom over the last 5 years.  It was supposed to be launched as a for profit product to be sold for $300 per copy.  Then Saeed saw the incredible benefits of this software if it was available to all mankind, and he decided to donate it to Axiom and give it away for free.

DYD has a magnificent Goals setting module for Personal, Material, Work, Spiritual and Physical Goals, seamlessly integrated with a calendar, task lists to move you towards your goals, a habits transformation system, daily journal, a vision board to visually remind you of what’s important in your life, and many other magnificent features.