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The biggest tool for fulfilling our dreams and living life to the utmost of our potential is a life plan. Most of us will live life like it’s a rudderless raft in the ocean and we have no control over its direction or destinations. Your life can be planned on this journey, and you will infinitely increase the quality of your life, and the chances of fulfilling all your dreams if you have a plan. Remember that sometimes plans change to help you move to a higher purpose. What we do in life will echo into eternity.



The first step of planning your life is to follow an organized goal setting and revisiting program; this simple act will exponentially increase the chances of achieving your dreams. We don’t plan a trip from one city to another without a map and a plan for the journey; but most of us will go through the longest and most important journey, our life, without a map and without planning for it. No one should live life without a road map to their destination.

Understanding How your Mind Works

The most complicated computer on Earth comes without a user’s manual. Master this computer; your mind, and you will master your life. Understand the functions of both your conscience and subconscious minds, and the principles of pain and pleasure that controls them.

Understand the universal laws of attraction that govern our existence; although we don’t fully understand them at this stage of our existence. The Universe has ways beyond our known senses and means of communication that connect all of us. Somehow, what we constantly concentrate on, in a negative or positive way, ends up having a great chance of materializing. Expect great things, concentrate on positive things, and you will attract them into your life.


Control your habits, and you will control your life. Control your mind by understanding the principles of pain and pleasure, and you will control your habits. Nothing will affect your life more than your habits. This obvious fact eludes most of us and affects our lives to an extent and in ways that are beyond our wildest imagination. One of your life’s greatest and most consistent efforts must be to control your habits.

Axiom will give you scientific methods to plan your life, set goals, and mange your habits. You will not be able to imagine the effect this will have on your life, and the lives of your loved ones, and the planet you live on.

Life, The Greatest Gift

Your primary spiritual responsibility is to take care of this greatest of all gifts you have been blessed with by your Creator; this life. You cannot fulfill any of your dreams and reach your life’s destinations traveling in a weak vessel. Taking care of your mind and body are the most important and fundamental of your obligations to yourself, your loved ones, and your Creator. The following is a simple formula to achieve your dreams, fulfill your destiny, and live life beyond your wildest imagination. To purposefully live a magnificent life;

  1. Set incredible goals. Revisit them often.
  2. Make a plan to achieve them. Revisit it often.
  3. Learn how your life works; your conscious and sub-conscious minds, your body, spirituality; the cosmic force (some call it God) and you.
  4. Using the best methods and tools available in your time for constant self improvement.
  5. Control your habits. Constantly evaluate your habits, eliminate bad ones and install good habits. No single effort will give you more results in your life than this.
  6. Make the world shine brighter because of your purposeful and magnificent life for your loved ones, mankind, all living creatures, and this planet we share.
  7. Look forward to the transition to the next phase of your existence with a smile, we may not know what’s next for us, but if Mama Nature has given us any clues, it’s going to be a wild ride

Life Principles

Procrastinate anger, expedite praise & apology: Always wait a day or two when you want to say something in anger. Never let honest praise or sincere apology wait for even a minute.

Appreciate: Remember that appreciating those you love and even those who may not get enough love still need to be appreciated. Human beings have a basic need to be appreciated, respected, loved and they need to know that they have made or can make a positive contribution to this world. The more you appreciate, the more you get back.

Reprimand: If you have to reprimand someone, or say anything on a subject you are angry about; wait a day or two and then see if you still want to say something, and if so, what you want to say. Never do it randomly, publicly, and reactively. Organize your thoughts, be very fair and honest, and communicate with them alone in a short meeting, with a positive outcome in mind, then drop it like it never happened.

Praise: Praise publicly, honestly, and immediately (see Appreciate).

Apologize: Don’t wait to apologize; do it sincerely and right away.

Assume Goodness: and be aware of evil. Always assume someone is good and always be prepared if someone turns out to be evil. Remember that evil is really only a veil of unawareness (notice the letters are the same only rearranged). An evil person is simply one that has forgotten whom and what they truly are. When we judge such a being, we also build veils around our true knowingness and become part of the problem. By loving the individual and disliking the action we can keep judgment at a safe distance and inspire mindful action for problem solving. Judgment is usually created by fear or what we’ve been told to believe, whereas discernment is a facet of love that comes from using our own mind and heart. People will always rise up or down according to your expectations.

Education: Consider education to be a lifelong quest that only ends with the graduation to the next phase of our existence, or death as we call it.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Gandhi, Mahatma

Balance/moderation: Try and create balance in everyday and every aspect of our life as one of the most fundamental principles of our daily lives. Balance is like the North Star for life, a principle that is applicable to all aspects of life. Avoid extremes and achieve balance in everything.

Organization: Organization is an extremely important tool for the ultimate performance in our existence. Live an organized life. Lack of organization in life is like having a great destination and a great plan, but taking the tires off the vehicle you intend to use for the journey.

Daily Tasks: Divide the things you have to do into a hierarchy of urgency and importance. Rate each task on a scale of 1 to 10, for urgency and importance. i.e. Urgent 8 Important 2, or urgent 2 & important 9, etc.

a) DAILY TASKS GROUP: These get done every day due to their importance and urgency, and they usually don’t require any special attention.

b) FORCED TASKS: Amongst the middle scoring tasks, there are those that are urgent but not important. Spend minimum time on these and control how and when you handle these. These are tasks that usually others throw at you and consume your time; Emails to answer, follow up documents to send.

c) LIFE CHANGING TASKS: Amongst the middle scoring tasks, there are the ones that are important but not urgent. Schedule these as frequently as possible and do at least one every day. This is where the greatest improvements in your life will happen. Put these tasks in a separate list and study it daily.

d) PROCRASTINATION GROUP: Avoid the lowest scoring things and do them only when there is nothing else to get done. If you are doing these tasks when there are other things to do, you are just procrastinating and avoiding those tasks that you really should be doing.

Hygiene: Make hygiene and cleanliness central tenants of your daily life.

Health: One of the greatest gifts given to us by the Creator is our body and our mind. Take care of them. Pursuit of ultimate health and fitness, physical and mental, should be very important goals of our lives. Practices like Yoga and many others are great for both. Make exercise a consistent habit until your dying day. This habit will have a huge effect on every single aspect of your life.

Gatekeeper to body & mind: We watch what grade of gas and oil we put in our vehicles, but usually pay less attention to what we put in our body and minds. Be the gatekeeper to your body and mind. “Garbage in – Garbage out” is not just referring to your computers. Remember that we have been given an incredible vehicle– the physical body – appreciate your own body and lead by example to your family, friends and peers.

Resource management: Managing your resources should be a very high priority. The two most important resources in our current way of life are time and money. Remember to spend your time wisely with those you love, leading the way by example.


A well designed lifestyle can be the greatest tool in your desire to lead a good life and achieve your goals. Some of the following habits, rituals, or suggestions for self improvement are just what are recommended by Axiom as guidelines.


Prayer; daily; individual: Pray at least once a day; preferably start your day with a prayer. If your schedule or personality are such that a prayer before bedtime works better for you, then that’s just as good.

State: Say words that have meaning to you, that helps you and others. Avoid just reciting words. If you are in a rush in the morning, save the prayer for a different time that day. Pray with all your heart. Wear clean clothes and find a nice, clean place without distractions. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Think of your Creator, a powerful force that is everywhere; inside you, all around you, everywhere. Feel its presence, its magnificence, the love of the All That IS. Feel the joy of becoming one with this force. Do not fear the Creator at all, you cannot say the wrong thing or get in trouble in any way. Feel your love for the Creator, your admiration, and your awe for his unknown and limitless powers. Feel the appreciation you have for everything you have ever had, and everything you are about to receive. Feel like you are in the arms of a loving parent and feel the comfort, peace, love of your Creator. Just stay in this state for a short while.

Communicate: don’t recite the same words everyday or some written prayer. To do that will be like playing a recording of your prayers, and expecting results from it. Communicate with your Creator. Pour your heart out;

Forgiveness: Ask for God’s forgiveness for whatever you know you may have done wrong. This also works well for self-awareness of your wrongdoings. Remember that if God can forgive you, you can forgive you. The mirror is a powerful tool to ask for forgiveness.

Gratitude: Thank God for what you have been blessed with. Your mind, body and spirit. Your strengths, loved ones, health, happiness, material things.

Glass Half Full; Make sure you answer the following questions with multiple answers: What can I appreciate today? What do I look forward to the most in my near future?

Blessings: Ask for future blessings, health, happiness, peace, and prosperity for you, your family and loved ones, and for all living things on earth and everywhere else. Ask for help in what you and your loved ones want to achieve in your future.

You will be astonished at what an incredibly positive effect this simple ritual of showing your appreciation and reminding yourself of what you have and are about to receive, will have on changing your perception of your life from half empty to half full.

Selfless Acts: Do a few selfless and nice acts for another human being every day. This can be something as simple as opening a door for stranger, a true compliment that makes someone’s day, or running an errand for someone. Just small things that make someone else’s life easier or happier. Before going to bed, take just a minute to visualize your selfless acts for that day. You will sleep better.

Daily Journal: Document your life: Keep a diary and make it a daily routine to document your life. Just spend a few minutes at the end of your day to write about what happened that day and any other thoughts you may have. You will create great memories for yourself, a magnificent self evaluation tool, and a priceless gift for your loved ones.

Organization: Start every day with about half an hour organizing your day; analyze what you did yesterday and what needs to transfer over to today, and what needs to get done today, in what priority.

Exercise: Allocate around an hour a day for a workout of your choice; preferably at least 5 days a week. Adjust this generalized suggestion to suit your lifestyle and physical condition. Consider working out a sacred responsibility to take care of the gifts God has given us; our body and our mind.

Law of Attraction: Always expect great things to happen. Learning about the law of attraction and understanding how it affects your life is a fundamental principle of the universe. The law of attraction will make things happen for you, and it will also bring sunshine into your life and a smile on your face.

Law of Appreciation: Always remember to appreciate people in your life. Even if you are struggling to like a certain person, find at least one thing to appreciate about them and you will find that in a short time that the relationship improves. This takes patience, but over time can work miracles in your life.


Group Prayer/Meditation: Get together with fellow worshipers once a week. It is not imperative which day this gathering is held. If you live in a nation where Sundays are the holiday, then Sunday is a good day. However, if Friday is the day off where you live, then that’s just as good. As Axiom grows, the volunteers of our organization will coordinate these gatherings. If there are none in your neighborhood yet, you can start one. Consider it a sacred duty and do it properly. It’s a great privilege and responsibility.

There is something magnificent about a group of people getting together with love to pray to their Creator. The energy it creates is absolutely magnificent. Invite anyone who wants to join you; doesn’t matter what faith they believe in. Let’s all pray together. If you have even one individual in your group who is of a different faith, don’t say or do anything that would alienate them or insult them in any way whatsoever. If you are not near an Axiomist group’s worship, go to the nearest place of worship of another religion and pray with them. God listens to all you can; there are no monopolies on God.

Prayers certainly have a magnificent side benefit of clarifying your own life’s direction; where you want to be heading, what you are doing right and wrong, what you have to be thankful for, and your future plans. Your prayer will become the greatest self improvement mechanism in your life and this one of its greatest benefits.

Gathering of Love: Gather family and loved ones once a week, or as often as possible, this will create great joy in your life.

Review Daily Journal: Once a week, preferably on the day your week starts, review the last week of your daily journal. This will have a profound effect on your life; realizing where you are headed, how certain things are affecting you, what you need to change, etc.

Review Daily Journal: Once a month, preferably on the day your month starts, review the last month of your daily journal. This will have a profound effect on your life; realizing where you are headed, how certain things are affecting you, what you need to change, etc.


Talk to the Dead/Talk to the Living: All of us wish we could say something to people after they pass on. For the loved ones that have passed on, appreciate what they meant to you in your life and thank them for the wisdom they may have shared. Once a month, for all those loved ones that are alive and well, remember that they are in a physical body and you can communicate to them directly and make a difference in their life right NOW. Tell them what they mean to you and what IS so truly great about them. Write these thoughts down and communicate them to this person. You will fill two lives with absolute love and joy, and reduce or eliminate the concept of regret. Remember that to love is the greatest risk you will ever take, but offers the greatest gifts.

Time Travel: Once a month, visit yourself in the future; Sit or lie down in a quiet peaceful place without distractions. Shut your eyes and project yourself into the future, a few years ahead, or anytime up to the time you exit your physical body. See where the current direction of your life is going to lead you, what you wish you had done differently, where you would have gone, what different direction you wish you had taken in your work, with a loved one, with your habits, your health, where you live, etc. When you open your eyes, you will have a very clear idea of what you need to do to improve your life.

Habits: Make a monthly evaluation of your habits and an organized effort to improve them should be a lifelong goal. There is no single effort that will pay off greater dividends in every imaginable aspect of your life, than the effort you spend on changing your habits.

Give & Save Generously: Once a month evaluate your finances and decide what is the maximum amount of money you can spare; about 20% is a good guideline, but try and ensure it is not less than 10%. Donate half of it and save the other half. Or if you cannot give in dollars one month, give in service to others. All of these factors will enhance your life in many ways. What you give will definitely come back to you with an exponential increase. What you save will not only affect your financial well being, but your life in general in numerous ways.

God bless us all.

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